El Niño de Fuego

"El Niño de Fuego" (The Fireboy) is a picture book for children of 8 years at least.


The book narrates a very simple tale, in the way of a children´s song, about a fireboy, a metaphore for a bad or a misbehaved kid.


The illustrations are made with fire, burning watercolor paper with a welding torch. Also there are some details drawn in burnt milk and the silhouette of the kid is made in chalk. The rounded frame helps highlighting the fantastic setting.


The structure of the book offeres a liner "crescendo", an ennumeration that, accompanied by the constant zoom towards a close-up of the character, build a tension that is liberated in an unexpected ending.


The book is still unpublished.




Detailed analysis of the creative process behind "El Niño de Fuego".

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