Jeux Pluriels

"Jeux Pluriels" (Plural Games) is my graduation short film made in the animation school "La Poudrière".


It´s a fake documentary that mixes live action and animation. It portrays the work of Luigi Finisera, a man who has spent more than twenty years of his life building unplayable board games.


This short film is in part a tribute to a genre that has rarely been used in animation and a homage to outsider art.


The challenge was to make a movie in which the audience had pleasure at not understanding what they are watching. For that purpose, the short combines a very athypical theme for animation, a character that speaks in a bearly comprehensible language and a set of games that, even when described in detail, have no sense at all.


The short film references numerous outsider artist, and borrows inspiration from filmmakers like Peter Greenaway, Jan Svankmajer or the brothers Quay.


The name of the main character makes reference to  Luigi Serafini, author of the "Codex Seraphinianus", the voice over is interpreted by the legendary french filmmaker Luc Moullet and the soundtrack is composed by Pierre Bastien, a renowned experimental composer who use machines and robots built of mecano pieces that play all kinds of instruments.


The short film was bought by Arte Tv for its broadcasting and selected in the Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival in 2010.


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