Low Bitrate Fighters

"Low Bitrate Fighters" is a two player fighting game.


Contrary to most traditional fighting games, "Low Bitrate Fighters" disorts all complexity and sofistication this games might have to put the player closer to what a real fighting experience is: an uncontrolled chaos.


The game is exclusively made of fragments of videos of real street fights found on the internet. The mechanics of the game are as nonsensical as the nature of this videos: both players mash their buttons until one of them falls. The buttons are deliberately set in the opposite side of the keyboard for each player to provoque a physical invasion between the players, making it so ocasionally the fight might come out of the screen turning the process of playing the game a fight in itself.


As the fighters destroy each other with their fists, the videos that portray them are destroyed digitally. Audio and video lose quality with each hit until they are barely recognisable.

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