Rendez-Vous au Cratère X-24

"Rendez-Vous au Cratère X-24" (Appointment at Crater X-24) is a 1 minute animation short film made in the school "La Poudrière"  for the children´s tv channel Canal J.


It is an excercise that responds to a one month short film creation challenge under a theme, in this case the theme being "in the moon".


The short, inspired by the russian animation series "Styled Robbery", brings the stereotypes of science fiction and gangster movies to the edge of absurdity. The retro-futuristic aesthetics of bright neon colors merge with the disco music, so obsessed with space and sci-fi in the 70s and 80s, reaching its climax at the absurdist analogy between the astronauts helmets and the afro hairstyles.

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