En sortant de l'Ecole

Title credits sequence for the four first seasons of the series "En Sortant de L´Ecole", produced by Tant Mieux Prod for France Télévisions.


The series feature adaptations of poetry by famous French poets in animated short films. Each season is dedicated to a different author and features 13 short films directed by new filmmakers just graduated from French animation schools. The title credits introduce each one of the 13 short films.


The four sequences are shot on multiplane with no computer effects, using objects, paper and glass. As it is very hard to compress the style of each author in just 15 seconds and as each short film is made in a different style and technique, the titles are more of a play on the general concept of "visual poetry", keeping a general theme o contemplation of the world through landscapes, animals, architecture, constellations, etc.


The titles are also packed with details so they don't become too annoying to watch repeatedly.



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