"Forest of Sleep" is a videogame project made in collaboration with Ed Key.


It's a storytelling game based on eastern-European folk tales. The game features a procedurally generated story in which the plot, characters, places and events are all created so each playthrough is unique. Rather than generating a fixed story up-front, the game tries to respond to the actions and decisions of the player creating new situations.


The visual style is inspired by eastern-European picture book illustrators such as Štěpán Zavřel, Janusz Stanny or Józef Wilkoń, as well as animators such as Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov or Priit Pärn.


All the visual elements are modular and procedural. Each background is generated so the player will never see the same scene twice. The scene characters, as well as their portraits, are all created for each playthrough combining pieces faces, haircuts, clothing and colours.


The character animation and their portraits are all animated using the Spine software and are all universal, meaning that they all share the same skeleton so a single animation can be used by any character.


The game is under development.



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