"A Coded Message" is a picture book for children between 8 and 12 years old entirely made in ASCII and published by A Buen Paso.


ASCII is an alphabet of 256 symbols that any computer has by default to be able to communicate with the user without the need of an operating system. It´s a very primitive system of representation that was extensively used before computers were able to handle graphics and during the first days of the internet.


The book collects alphabets and codes, evokes a 70s spy movie plot and treats coded messages in order to tell a simple love story.


The illustration, being literally written in a series of characters, turns itself into a code to decipher.


The use of a clearly obsolete digital technique is in part a protest against the standardisation of digital tools such as Photoshop and in part a claim for the natural beauty of the synthetic image. The book does not disguise it´s digital nature but highlights it and uses it to reinforce the narration and its content.





Interview with Olalla Hernández (in Spanish)




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