The Watermelons

"The Watermelons" is a picture book project originally commissioned by Casterman. The original text was about a character obsessed with the perfection of his watermelon field and tormented by the disappearance of one of them.


The illustrations are centred around the contrast between order and chaos. Outside the watermelon field the world is organic and chaotic, inside it is ordered and sterile. The disappearance of a single watermelon opens the door to the disorder that progressively invades the protagonist's world.


The horror-bacui, ornamentation and excessive rigour are some of the frequent traits of art made by autistic people. Being a book about a lonely man with a strange obsession, the idea was to play with this analogy, to the point where the character's design is inspired by the physical appearance of the self-taught deaf artist James Castle.


The project was rejected by the publisher citing that the author did not recognize her text in the illustrations.


The illustrations were awarded in the CJ Picture Book Awards in South Korea in 2010


The project stays unpublished.


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